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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Up! Coaching?

When you boil down to the nitty-gritty of what Life Up! Coaching is about, it simply is a platform for individuals to tap into their strengths in order to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves. Often, reaching one’s goals can feel overwhelming and uncertainty on how to reach these goals may beset you.  The truth is YOU HAVE THE POWER. We are here to help you tap into that power and be the best YOU that the world has ever seen!

Who can sign-up?

EVERYBODY! Your sister, hair stylist, mailman, and of course YOU can sign up for Life UP Coaching! Men, women, children—it’s an open call! The beautiful thing about this program is that it doesn’t matter from what walk of life you come from. ANYBODY who is open and wanting can truly benefit from tapping into the power that lives inside each of us. Whether you are just stepping out into the world or perhaps you’ve been there awhile—you can gain the truest form of happiness from realizing YOUR potential and ability to create the life of your dreams!

Can Life Up! Make me successful?

The goal of Life Up! is not to mold you into a new person. Quite the contrary, Life Up! intends to take the qualities that you already possess and highlight those abilities to help lead you through the journey of success. You are still in control of your own destiny. This will require hard work and motivation on your part But the rewards will be great! We are here to support, encourage, and guide, but that will only work if it is coupled with your focus, diligence, and commitment to being the best you that you can be.

How many sessions do I need?

There is no standard number of sessions when working with LifeUP! coaching. Remember, everybody is different and that means that specific needs may vary and are unique per person. Typically, clients will need at least 4-6 sessions in order to obtain a true grasp on the areas in their lives that need focus. During this period, they will also be given the proper tools to make appropriate adjustments to achieve a balanced life.

How can I be sure that you are the Life Coach for me?

Achieving a high level of comfort with your life coach from the onset is very important for the program to succeed. Here’s the deal, we offer a FREE Coaching Session before we even commit to working together. If you feel you are not comfortable with us, we can happily refer you to someone else whom we feel will suit you more. In LifeUp! Coaching our end goal is to see you emerge as a Winner.

Can you Life Coach people who are undergoing therapy?

Yes we can! However, we will need to coordinate with the therapist to ensure that we are not working on similar issues.

Do you accept group coaching?

This can definitely be discussed. We are open to customizing a LifeUp! Coaching program that will work for a group of clients.

Do you do Life Coaching over the phone? On Email? On VOIP?

Yes we can definitely do life coaching over the phone. We also provide unlimited email support. Skype and video sessions are likewise available.  We are flexible and can adjust to whatever method will suit you best.

How long does each coaching session lasts?

We are not strict over time like “other” coaches. We understand that each person is different and “life” can come at us at any moment. On the average, each session lasts anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes.

Do you take clients under a medical insurance?

Unfortunately we can’t. We are not aware of any health insurance companies too that offer coverage for Life Coaching. This is why we’ve created a very creative* payment structure to be able to offer coaching to anyone who is interested!

What are your payment terms?

LifeUp! Coaching offers varied and flexible coaching programs and payment schemes to suit your lifestyle and budget.  Call us now at 561-251-4320 for more information.

How do I start?

Take Action! It’s easy. Simply sign-up with your email address or call 561-251-4320. We will then schedule YOUR FREE Coaching Session.